The Winners Of The International Are..

Wings Gaming!

The finals of the lower bracket saw the powerhouse that is EG pit off against the steeled Digital Chaos. The best of three match went to the wire with DC pulling a miracle out of the bag at the end of the third game to clinch their place in the grand finals. I think that Dota Cinema says it best in their third game highlight reel:

The best of 5 game was then to be fought between the team from China, Wings Gaming, and the US based European Team Digital Chaos. The first game saw some unconventional picks coming from Wings, the Pudge-Silencer combo was just not enough to stop the magic damage of w33 on the Skywrath and Moo on the Timbersaw. The first game went the way of the Chaos.

The next three games saw much more conventional drafts from both teams, Wings demonstrating to the world why they deserve to be here. They managed twice to lead with their Faceless Void, earning a respect ban for the fourth, and ultimately final, match. By banning out the Faceless DC were forced to let Wings take one of their other strong heroes. The Elder Titan showed us all just how he can stomp.

They were all amazing games, and DC showed that if any team were going to be up to the challenge, it was them. They are the only team to have taken games off Wings over the course of the main event. Our congratulations go out to all the teams who competed, but especially DC and Wings who showed us all how Dota is supposed to be played.