The Secret Shop, Underlord, and Roster Changes, All For Dota 2

There have been more than a few things that have been going on in the last week or so for Dota 2. TI 6 has wrapped up and boy did that give us some amazing games. We have had a couple of minor patches, and, most importantly, we have news:


First up, for competitive Dota 2 the manner of roster movement has changed. Prior to this change teams could drop and pick up players at any point leading up to the roster lock date. This was a quite punishing system which in more than a couple of cases saw players dropped too close to the date to find another team in time. The changes that are coming in hope to address this. Valve has decided to put down separate drop, and pick-up dates. This means that there will always be time after being dropped from a team to be invited into another. Currently, the dates for these two periods sit at September 4 for drops, and September 18 for invites.

As a way to make it easier for teams, substitute invites are not required to be set in stone at this point. Instead: (in their own words)

“Any team that qualifies for a Major event will be able to issue a Substitute Player invite to any player not participating in the Major once the qualifiers for that event are done.”

You can find out more information about these changes on their blog post, or in greater detail on their Dota 2 Majors Registration FAQ page.

The Secret Shop

Many players love their physical models as much as they love their digital hats. Dota 2 is absolutely filled with the latter, but getting hands on the former can often send the crowd into a frenzy. The International has always heralded the introduction of new lines of these accessories; this year is no different. There are the usual selection of new shirts, hats and tech. However, it is often the new figures that grab the peoples attention. This year sees two new Nendoroid models and two new figma models enter the collection. All of these, as per always, look amazing.

I for one will be looking at getting a couple of the micro-plush boxes to see what will fall my way. Check out the WeLoveFine shop as I am sure that there will be something that will grab your attention.

Coming alongside this new range of items is a sneaky new comic. Called “A DARK PURPOSE SERVED“, this new manga-esque comic follows Windrunner and Anti-mage as they hunt down a little evil.



We were promised this hero on the 23rd of August. That is today (yesterday depending on when you read this). This new position 3/4 hero can do some amazing things in the off or mid lanes. When he gets to level 6 he starts doing some really bonkers stuff. I must concede that I may not be the best person to be able to explain how this chap works. As such I would suggest that you head over to joinDOTA for their fantastic article on how to handle this interesting chap. Otherwise, just enjoy the Underlord reveal from TI 6.