The Necromancer Arriving Soon To Diablo 3

The Necromancers are on their way. It was at Blizzcon last year where finally it was outed that these new classes would be coming into the game. At the time we reported on some of the signature skills, and importantly, the manner in which they vary from the Witch Doctor.

With the impending release coming closer everyday (but still without an official date), I have compiled what we know so far about the Necromancer, the upcoming changes and the things we know already.

The Necromancer

Over the last month or so Blizzard has released numerous blog posts talking about what the Necromancer is and does. As with all characters in the game, this breaks down into two distinct sections; their skills and their items.


The Necromancers resource is Essence. Primary skills are able to generate this for use on other abilities, however, this is not the only thing that is used. Some of the spells in the Necromancer arsenal require that the player spend their own life. The Necromancer plays around 4 different schools of death. Blood and Bone holds an interesting collection of utility spells which do everything from bone spears to summoning fleshy Simulacrum. The Reanimate school has you bringing the bodies of the departed back to life to fight by your side. You are able to support this army with a good selection of Curses which will weaken, cripple and kill you foe. Finally you are able to use the Corpses of recently departed enemies against their friends, turning their bodies into lethal tools of destruction.  You can read more details about the different skills on the Diablo 3 website.


Diablo 3 traded off levelling up for the power bestowed upon people through the power of the artifacts they would discover through the world. Like the other classes, there are going to be a range of different items that will be tailored for use by a Necromancer that will really push up his power level. Announced recently on the Diablo blog are the first class sets:

Bones of Rathma – These bones will power-up you and your minions. As they deal damage, you will be protected from it. At a 6 piece set you will be boosting the damage output of your minions by 250%.

Grace of Inarius – If you were afraid of dying, then worry no more. This set will pump up you and your Bone armour, allowing you to crush through hoards of demons that may stand in your path.

Pestilence Master’s Shroud – Powering up your Bone Spear and Corpse abilities is what this set does well. The more corpses you consume, the more it will buff your Bone Spear and the more corpses that will fire at nearby enemies.

Trag’oul’s Avatar – If you are into spending your life for your abilities, then it is this set you will be keeping an eye out for. This buffs your healing and the damage that you dish out from your life-spending abilities.

Jesseth Arms – This two piece set will buff your skeletal army, pushing them from target to target and buffing their damage.

You can also check out the video preview below.

The Rise of the Necromancer Pack

While there will be a certain quantity of free content that will appear alongside the introduction of the Necromancer, the class itself will cost some dollars. This pack, called the Rise of the Necromancer, will include several new cosmetics, two additional stash tabs, two additional character slots, and, of course, the Necromancer class itself. This pack will be arriving alongside all the new content in Patch 2.6.0.

Necromancer wings

Wings of the Crypt Guardian

Standards for use in D3

Banner, Sigil and Accent, Necromance Portrait, and Blood Master Pennant

Half-formed Golem

Half-formed Golem

Season 10, 11 and dates

With the approach of the necromancer we also have a rolling over of the seasons. Season 10, and your chances to earn all the cool cosmetics, wraps up on Friday the 23rd of June. After this, the break before the start of season 11 is quite pronounced. There is almost a month break before Season 11 starts on the 20th of July. While no release date for the Necromancer pack has been announced, we are hopeful that we will be able to see something in this period. I would love to get back into Diablo with a new start on the Necromancer.


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