The Dota 2 International 6 Crowns Kings and Pits Lords In Combat

Over the last 2 weeks the worlds biggest e-sports competition has been underway. With prizes in excess of $20 million dollars, players get to slug it out for more than a small quantity of dosh. Leading up into the final day we have seen numerous days of intense competition with more than a few major upsets.

The initial group stage saw the qualifying teams divided into two groups in a pseudo-double elimination ladder. The upper half won a single loss reprieve heading into the lower bracket, while those who were in that bracket to start with are fighting for survival all the way through. The surprises started here with some major teams getting pushed into the lower bracket after the group stage. The most noticeable is Team Secret who saw their exit from the event in only a single game. Other surprises include LGD, Na’Vi and Liquid who all saw themselves a whisker away from elimination.

For the main event, if you look at the brackets, you will notice that many of the matches have been decided 2-0. This, is by no means an indication of steamrolling. This is one of the most even fields in the event’s history. It is possible for almost any team to take it. Digital Chaos (DC) has taken the lower brackets by storm much to everyone’s surprise. They are now in the top 3, alongside EG and Wings Gaming, two of the most disciplined teams in the event.

The main event has thrown some amazing games our way as well. If there is a single game that you must watch from this event, make it the first game of EG VS EHOME. It is one of the most epic games that I have ever seen.

First up in tomorrows games we will see EG taking on DC in a best of three match. This match will determine who will take on the upper bracket champions, Wings, in the best of five Grand Finals match, the games that will determine the champions of TI6.

As this event is the crown jewel in the Dota 2 calendar, it is only fair that there will be news coming forth from the event too. For many players there has been an awful lot of news, and a lot of it is big.

The biggest two announcements take the form of two new heroes that will be entering the game. First up we have the Underlord. This is the final hero to be ported across from the first Warcraft Dota game will enter the game within the fortnight. This means that Dota 2 will be complete in its transition. Naturally, the manner of its appearance at the event was not all that regular:

The other hero that was announced to the world is the first new Dota 2 hero that has not already appeared in Dota 1. The Monkey King himself is finally moving from being a boss in the original Warcraft 3 mod, to being a hero we can play. We know very little about this cheeky chap at the moment. However, we do know that he will be coming in the Spring in the update titled “The new journey”. Check out the announcement video below.

We suspect that this update will be used to herald in the new post-Dota 1 age of Dota. This is where the future of the game can start. Naturally there was a whole lot more going on too, but I will talk about that a tomorrow when we do a recap of the event. Until then, good luck with your fantasy team, and enjoy the last day of the Dota 2 International!