The Division Receives a Game-Changing Patch

In August, Ubisoft Montreal announced that they were delaying DLC release plans to resolve core gameplay issues.  Well, earlier today, The Division’s servers went down to patch in an update which will — fingers crossed — ‘fix’ the game.


The patch notes display an extensive list of changes to the overall balance of the game. If you’re planning on sitting down to read them all, you best pull up a comfortable chair, you might be there for a while.

The patch aims to improve the experience for both solo-play and multiplayer, PvE and PvP. Noteworthy improvements include the lowered ‘time-to-kill’ on enemies, higher loot drop rates, and a myriad of comfort-of-life changes.

There’s simply too many alterations to get into them here, but suffice to say, everything has taken a hit. To the Incursions, the Underground DLC, gear sets, and stat organisation, nothing was left untouched.

It will be interesting to head back and see if these changes were meaningful enough to renew some interest in what still is, one of the most enjoyable co-op experiences I’ve had.