The Destiny Boat Has Some Leaks

Although Bungie planned to release information regarding the next expansion for Destiny tomorrow, it appears multiple leaks have done their job for them.

This tweet from the Titter account @MoreConsole shows an image reportedly taken straight from the Destiny website. As well as this, both Game Informer and the Sigaporean reinforce the release date of September 20th shown in the tweet below. If you love destiny and have a hard time competing against your opposing team then check out these destiny 2 boosting, which will help you have a little bit more of an advantage.

The whole ordeal has had some pretty serious leaks, with the name Rise of Iron being leaked earlier, followed by a trademark for the Rise of Iron title being made only a week ago.

Rise of Iron launches September 20th!

— Destiny & Halo (@MoreConsole) June 8, 2016