TGS 2016 – Kojima Gives Some Death Stranding Details

At E3 back in June, Hideo Kojima revealed Death Stranding the first title from his new studio Kojima Productions (eep!).

Now, at Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2016, he has taken the stage once more to give a few more details.


Kojima-san claims that Death Stranding is based on the connection of two different worlds. Much in the same way that the live stranding and death stranding of whales and dolphins connects the underwater world with our own world.

He provides many more details on the name, the logo and how they came to the decisions they did surrounding the game.

Then he turned his attention to the actual game itself. Kojima-san was very open with the fact that he could not tell us very much, but that Death Stranding was going to be an action game, with an open-world, an element of freedom, and co-operative play.

Stay tuned for the 19th of this month when the official TGS kicks off and Kojima-san will have a little more news to share with us. Apparently.

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