Telltale Have Just Dropped a Mr. Robot Shaped Bomb

Just the other day we reported on the possibility of Telltale releasing a Mr. Robot game. It was mere speculation at that point, but now we know it’s real because…well…it’s out!


But it’s not the kind of game you’re thinking of, it’s not Telltale’s usual format.

Firstly, it’s entirely text based through an app you can download on iOS or Android (for a small fee) known as E Corp Messenger (ahhhhh… it’s all starting to make sense now!).

Secondly, it seems to directly follow the narrative of Mr. Robot.

This is all we know, for now, I’ve just got it downloaded and am going to throw myself into it! Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like until you buy it yourself.

And here are the links for iOS and Android to do just that

See you on the other side!