Update: Team Fortress 2’s Meet Your Match Update Announced

UPDATE: Meet Your Match has officially been released on steam! Restart Team Fortress 2 to download and apply the update.

People continue to play Team Fortress 2, so Valve keeps updating it!

Earlier today Valve announced the ‘Meet Your Match’ update, which hasn’t been given an official release, but will likely hit within the next week or so. The update will feature Casual (12v12) and Competitive Mode (6v6) ‘quickplay’ matchmaking for the 2007 released game. Theoretically the system will rank the player’s ongoing performance, assign them a score, and use it to match them with players of a similar skill level.

The Casual mode will match players into an unranked 12v12 game with no more auto-balancing (so you can actually play with your party), and the ability to play a match from start to finish, instead of joining in-progress games. Additionally, a level system, along with a whole host of medals, performance statistics, and three new community made maps will launch with the update.

To try and balance out the game for competitive play, the FAQ states that among other differences to the standard game, there will be no random criticals, no team changes, and fixed shotgun spreads.

In the hopes of dissuading cheaters, Competitive Mode is only open to players whose Steam accounts are tied to an active phone number, and who have a ‘Premium’ account – people who bought the game or at least an item from the in-game store. Valve will also sell Competitive Access Passes to grant lifetime access for $9.99 when the mode launches.