System Shock Remake Available to Back on Kickstarter, Playable Demo Avaialble Now

The remake for the 1994 classic game System Shock is now live on Kickstarter awaiting funding from you! Developers Nightdive Studios are looking to the System Shock fans to help create, according to its Kickstarter page, the complete remake of the horror classic. Developers are looking for $900,000 to help create the game, and as of posting this, people have already pledged over $600,000!

Some of the rewards for being a backer range from digital artwork and email updates, to the Big Box Collectors Edition, which includes a physical version of the game in a steel case, the soundtrack, exclusive access to the closed beta plus plenty more.


You can also download and play the free pre-alpha demo they’ve got set up which “represents the look and feel that we want to achieve with the final version we’ll deliver to you”. Download it on from Steam HERE.