Super Mario Odyssey has a Release Date and a New Trailer

For the final part of Nintendo’s E3 showcase, we were treated to a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, and oh man is it looking good. Check it out below:

The trailer shows off some gorgeous new worlds, or ‘Kingdoms’ this time around. From a spooky Tim Buron-esque town, to rolling plains littered with dinosaur skeletons. Even looking at this new trailer alone seems to confirm a ton of variety, making each Kingdom feel unique.

A cool tidbit revealed in the new trailer is that Mario’s hat isn’t really alive. Instead, it’s possessed by this weird spirit that allows Mario to take control of animals and objects in the game world. So, for example we’re able to throw the cap at a bullet bill, then use its flying ability to reach areas previously inaccessible. It looks like a fun way to shake up the tired Mario power-ups of the past, without coming across as too gimmicky.

If you’re interested in seeing more gameplay, you can check out the Nintendo Treehouse Live Stream, which is taking place over the next couple of days.

Super Mario Odyssey will be making THE SWITCH (Get it?!) on October 27th.