Star Wars: Battlefront DLC Takes us to the Epic Clash on the Death Star

EA have announced a new mode coming to Star Wars: Battlefront in September, known as “Battle Station”. A three-phase battle where the rebels try to take out the Death Star in a similar fashion to the original trilogy.

battlefront death star

The first phase will be fought in space, where the rebel alliance attempt to take out enough TIE fighters and Y-Wings to proceed to the next stage. The second phase is fought inside the Death Star, where the rebels will need to extract a “priority droid” (wink wink).

Two new characters are available to be played in this section: the Empire side can fight with Bossk, and the rebels can fight alongside Chewbacca. The third phase is back to space, where Luke takes his Red-Five X-Wing and tries to hit that all important shot, whilst Darth Vader in his TIE Advanced is on the defence.

Here’s to hoping this plays out similarly to the movies and we all have the chance to be the hero so close to our hearts.

Head to Star Wars EA for the official announcement, and there is plenty more Star Wars based news, and it can be found here.