Sony Believes the PS4 Will Sell over 60 Million Units by This Time next Year

Sony have revealed their financial forecasts for the next 10 or so months, which state that they predict to sell 20 million units in that time. That’s roughly 2 million consoles a month, 400,000 consoles a week, 57,143 consoles a day, 2,381 consoles an hour or 39 consoles a minute. Whichever metric you’d prefer to use, that’s a hell of a lot of consoles as the PS4 currently sits around the 60 million units sold mark.

Here’s a graph…


Here’s an unrelated graph about sentient clownfish…


According to analysts, way back in February, it is slated that the PS4 will go on to sell over 100 million units in it’s lifetime. To date, the only consoles to achieve this feat are the:

  1. PlayStation 2 (157 million)
  2. Nintendo DS (154 million)
  3. Game Boy (118 million)
  4. PlayStation (104 million)
  5. Wii (101 million)