Snorlax is Done With Sleeping in This Special News for Pokémon Sun and Moon

A brand new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer showcasing exciting new stuff has arrived! Let’s get into it…


Ratatta is looking a little more exotic with its new Alola form! Alolan Rattatas are Dark/Normal-Type after having to turn nocturnal to survive from predators. Its Abilities are Gluttony, which encourages the early use of a held item, and Hustle, which makes damage from physical attacks increase by 50%, but the average accuracy is only 80%. If a Pokémon with Hustle is first in your party, the chance of encountering high-level wild Pokémon increases by 50%.


Also announced, certain Pokémon have their own Z-Moves. Z-Moves were announced previously and are a special move for every Type that Pokémon can use once per battle. The Alolan Raichu is one of the Pokémon with its own Z-Move, called Stoked Sparksurfer. No word on if it does anything special yet but, I mean, it KOs a Gyarados so there’s that.

Next, they announced if you’re an early purchaser of Pokémon Sun and Moon, up until January 11th, 2017, you get a special Munchlax with a Snorlium Z. Evolve your Munchlax into Snorlax and… look out.

Snorlax is finally done with sleeping…


Snorlax has its own special Z-Move of Pulverising Pancake where… well… you’ve seen Snorlax. That poor Gumshoos…

You can watch the trailer yourself here:

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches Worldwide on Nintendo 3DS, November 18th, 2016.