Shiny New Character for Paragon Announced

Epic Games, the creators of Paragon, a new Third-Person-Action MOBA, have announced their latest hero, Greystone! He’s received an announcement trailer, check it out:

I did a bit of video analysis, after close inspection it appears the new hero will indeed possess not only a sword, but a shield too! On closer inspection, the trailer displays Greystone’s special abilities. You’ve got the ‘Assault the Gates’ which is a leap to close the gap between you and your foe, and an area of attack ability in the form of ‘Make Way’. Additionally, his ultimate will be a self-resurrection (I’m sure that won’t be annoying), and he receives passive damage reductions.

If you’ve got Early Access to Paragon you’ll be able to jump in as Greystone on Tuesday. PlayStation Plus members get the Paragon Starter Pack for free during the month of July.

You can read the full Playstation Blog post here.