Sean Murray Tempers No Man’s Sky Expectations

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The hype train behind No Man’s Sky has been incredible. Never before have I seen such a disparity between people’s expectations and a game’s fundamental goals. With such drastically escalating expectations, it makes sense Sean Murray would come out in a new blog post — a day before No Man’s Sky‘s PlayStation 4 release — to temper the expectations of a very impatient public.

In the blog post, Sean Murray maintains that the game is as “[they] planned it from the start”. He goes onto to list what No Man’s Sky “definitely is”, which may not be what people have inferred from all the trailers that have been released:

  • Exploring a universe of pretty procedurally generated worlds, with beautiful creatures
  • Trading with NPCs
  • Combat against robots/mechs and cool space battles
  • Survival/crafting in a universe sized sandbox
  • An awesome procedural soundtrack from my genuine favourite band (check the NMS album out here)
  • For one small moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi book cover

Sean Murray reiterates that if players are coming to the game for things like “PVP multiplayer or city building, piloting freighters, or building civilisations… that isn’t what NMS is”. He expects it to be “super divisive”, but is at its core, supposed to be a “niche [and] very very chill game”.

Additionally, Sean Murray took to Twitter to again stamp down hopes for the multiplayer aspect of No Man’s Sky: