Rooster Teeth Expo Down Under – Survival Guide

It feels like it was only yesterday since PAX. Running around talking to everyone and meeting a lot of great people. Goodbye Melbourne! Hello, Sydney! The Rooster Teeth crew are down under!

What is happening?

The Rooster Teeth Expo is on in Sydney this Saturday and Sunday. It is one of the best opportunities to see a fantastic representation of Australian, independent and AAA games. It is also going to be one of the best places to get you hot hands on one of the newest evolutions in gaming hardware. Play the Nintendo Switch.

The Rooster Teeth network is also about the people. They create amazing content that entertains us every day. Geoff, Ryan, Michael or Burnie, we all have our favourites and it is this weekend that you all get the opportunity to meet and greet them.

Other than the RT team themselves we do also get someone rather special. Hideo Kojima is also going to be there to meet and greet with the audience. If you have not met him yet you should certainly try to go!

Check out the full schedule of events for Saturday or Sunday.

If you have wanted to get an autograph make sure that you have signed up for a session and have read the FAQ.

Also, check out all the different stars coming down.

What to bring?

Water: First and foremost make sure that you keep well hydrated. There is a lot happening and remembering to get drinks is not always at the front of our minds. It is also supposed to be quite hot, especially on Sunday.

Your tickets: These let you in. Without it, you are going nowhere. If you do not have a ticket yet you can grab one off the RTX website.

Things to get signed: You will meet many cool people all day at the show. If you are going to an autographing session you can bring up to two items for autographing and it is good to have something prepared in advance.

Camera: Don’t get lost and there will be tonnes to see. If you like seeing the awesome cosplay around a good camera is a must.

Phone: While you could use this to take pics, it is a great thing to use to hold the event guide and the RTX Companion App. Get it for both Android and Apple.

Excitement: Last, but not least, get hyped. This event is going to be super fun so come in with an open and excited mind.

If you see someone in an OK Games T-shirt wandering around, come and say ‘hi’. See you at the event!