Reload eSports To Host Australia’s Largest Prize Pool For LoL Tournament

Do you consider yourself rather dapper at League of Legends? Do you have a team of people who you think are better at the game than everyone else? Do you want to win your share of a $10 000 prize pool? If you feel that this applies to you and your friends then Reload eSports might just have the tournament for you.

Partnering with GAMMA.CON, Reload eSports is hosting Australia’s largest community event, the 10k Arena. The top 4 teams will get to take a share of that sweet, sweet cash. And even if you only get to finish in the top 32 you still don’t go home empty-handed. There are Riot prizes for teams all the way down to the 32nd.

It is also not just an online event, it also involves a LAN section which will determine the direction the cash will finally flow. The online section will be held from the 12th of August, with the finals being held on the 17th of September.

I am sure you must be thinking to yourself that this kind of event will only be open to the top teams. This is not actually the case, anyone can, and should, join.

More information about the event can be found on their website, or you can just check out their video below.