Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition Has Been Released for PC

Today Ubisoft announced that from now, until the 19th of June, a Starter Edition for Rainbow Six Siege will be available for purchase on Steam/Uplay.

For $15USD ($21AUD), the Starter Edition still comes with all the maps, weapons, modes, and progression of the regular version, but will only be purchasable for a limited time.


But there’s a catch. Unlike the regular version, the Starter Edition comes with only two unlocked operators, randomly chosen out of a pool of six (Smoke, Fuze, Mute, Sledge, Ash, Rook). Buyers will also receive 600 R6 credits to spend on either two more operators, or any other unlocks in the game.

Additionally, players with the Starter Edition will have to earn 12,500 renown through gameplay, to unlock any additional operators. This figure is a pretty large step up from the 500-2000 renown for Standard Edition owners. The Seasons Pass will still unlock the same operators as it does for the Standard Edition.

For more information on the Starter Edition, check out the Ubisoft Blog Post, or the FAQ.