PS4 System Software Update 4.0 is Incoming. Folders, UI Improvements and More!

Yesterday via a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony detailed their plans for the PS4 System Software Update 4.0 (no, you can;t change your PSN names yet).

However, the features detailed in the blog post are pretty cool!

UI Improvements


Firstly, the general User Interface of the system is getting a bit of a refresh. The overall look and feel of the UI will remain the same, just with a fresh coat of paint.

Quick Menu


The new Quick Menu is the update I am most excited about. The new Quick Menu (holding the PS Button) will no longer cover the entire screen, and instead just a small portion to the left. Great stuff yes.

They’ve also added new features to the Quick Menu, including the ability to check the online status of your friends, as well as quick access to your Parties, Favourite Groups and Communities.

Share Menu

Similar to the Quick Menu, the Share Menu will also only cover a portion of the screen. It will also save the last Social Network that you shared content too. Twitter can also take 14o seconds of video now instead of 10!

Folders and Library Organisation


The library is now a little more organizable thanks to the ability to put your games and apps into folders! They’ve also attempted to “declutter” the XMB by adding the “Purchased” tab.

Trophy Improvements


Trophies can now be viewed offline. Hidden Trophies can now be revealed at the User’s command when previously they were permanently hidden to avoid potential story spoilers. They’re also rearranging how the trophies rarity is displayed. PYRAMIDS!

User Profile

The User Profile is being updated to be more readable “at-a-glance”, with new Trophy placement and Trophy comparison as well as the ability to load custom backgrounds from your screenshots!

And that’s it so far! There are lots of other features that will not be in the upcoming beta, but we’ll keep you posted upcoming announcements and a release date!