PlayStation 4 Controller Wireless USB Adapter Revealed

TL;DR: PlayStation Now is coming to PC, but has not launched in Australia yet. A Wireless USB adapter for PS4 controllers is coming too.


This morning came the announcement that PlayStation Now and a wireless Dualshock 4 USB adapter were both coming to PC. Unfortunately, only one of these things exists in Australia and therefore it only half applies to us.

The adapter has an RRP of $25USD (so expect around $40 for us) and will be launching stateside in September. It will work for both PC and Mac and it CAN be used with PS4 Remote Play too, so we’re not totally in the dark!

It is awesome news for people who do not have Bluetooth on their PCs and want to play some games on their loungeroom media server (that is if it launches down under). Who knows, if we some day get PlayStation Now (which, the real news is that people still use PlayStation Now) down in Aus, that part might be super cool for us too!