PAX Australia’s Indie Showcase Winners for 2017 Announced

If you’re heading to PAX Australia this year, you can indulge yourself in these awesome Australasian-developed games! So awesome, in fact, that they’ve won themselves a place in the PAX Australia Indie Showcase!

Here’s who you can expect to find this year:

Forts from EarthWorks Games

Brisbane-developed, Forts has been present at PAX Aus the last couple of years and it’s back again on centre stage! This physics-based, real-time strategy game lets your create forts with heavy artillery and fortification to defeat enemies and friends in the solo campaign and online multiplayer.


Grabity from Ninja Thumbs Ltd.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Grabity is a 2-4 player, physics-based arena brawler where you grab nearby debris to defeat our enemies in different gravitational conditions!


Projection from Shadowplay Studios Pty Ltd

Follow a shadow puppet through this puzzle-platformer while you manipulate the light and shadows to get around the world.


Sky Noon from Lunar Rooster

Sky Noon is a first-person shooter, multiplayer game à la Super Smash Brothers, where you battle your opponents on Wild West-themed platforms using lassos and grappling hooks.


The Gardens Between from The Voxel Agents

Traversing backwards and forwards through time, best friends Arina and Frendt journey through this adventure/puzzle game learning what it means to grow up.


Virtually Impossible from Growl Interactive

This VR party game where you involve yourself in activities such as a kart race of impossible challenges and obstacles that both players and their audience will enjoy experiencing.