PAX Australia 2016 – Panels, Exhibitors and Event Schedule Now Live

PAX Australia is just around the corner. It is a little over 2 weeks before crowds will descend on Melbourne to both see, and showcase, the best games that Australia and the southern hemisphere have to offer.

We have been waiting a little while to see maps and panels announced, and to much rejoicing it has finally landed.

For those in a hurry these are the key links:

From the map there are a couple of interesting things that we notice. First off, the big three will be there, it is interesting to see that XBox will be sharing it’s stall with Omen by HP. This union seems to re-enforce a movement towards pushing the PC as a platform. Additionally, the Nintendo section is the same size as the Playstation space and smaller than the Xbox/Omen stand. This implies to me that even though we are getting a sneak peek of the NX soon, we will probably not be seeing it at PAX.

It is also fantastic to see so much space for the PAX Rising booths. There are two separate sections each of quite considerable sizes. Sitting along side these we also have a considerable tabletop presence, something that I am always glad to see.

Then we have the schedule of events. There is so much happening that it is really hard to pick out what is going to be great. We get to have a presentation from Major Nelson from Microsoft, Penny Arcade Q&A’s, how to do virtually anythings plus many, many competitions.  We will be publishing soon an article exploring all the events that we think you should get to soon, but for now I will say, I think you should make sure you have tickets for Sunday.