PAX Aus Indie Showcase Deadline Approaches

Are you a developer of independent games? If so, I hope that you have got your game on and applied to join the PAX Aus Indie Showcase. This offering provided by Penny Arcade is a great way to show off your new game to a huge audience. There are numerous benefits to getting in on this, the greatest of which is huge amounts of press.

It is important that you look at moving soon though. The deadline for getting your submission in is only 9 days away, the 6th of July. Apply here.

To give you an idea of what is required for you to submit an entry, this is a short abstract which covers the main process:

In order to have our judges consider your game for The PAX Aus Indie Showcase, you must do the following:

A. Buy this item via the “Add to Cart” button.
B. Fill out the detail form found here. Applications close July 6th 2016.
C. Mail any special equipment or hardware to PAX Aus Indie Showcase, Tower 1, Level 2, 475 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW, 2067 Australia, noting the title of your game in the package. Keep in mind this stuff isn’t getting returned unless you make prior arrangements.
D. Upload a copy of your game to an accessible location (a secured FTP is preferred) or mail a physical copy to our offices. Email these instructions to

Keep in mind we are specifically looking for fun factor and a great gameplay experience. Yes, art, audio and stunning visuals can certainly affect the experience, but we aren’t dishing out individual awards for those categories.

Those selected to be in The PAX Aus Indie Showcase will be notified via email by July 21st, 2016.