PAX Aus 2016 – Vive Comes To Australian Retail

The Vive is the premium VR experience. The motion controllers, the room-scale and the totally immersive nature of the experience is great. It is also currently the most complete offering. There are no controllers included by default for any other headset, and a controller does not cut it. It also has a huge library of games that are easy for people to access at any point.

It is also one of the harder headsets to get your hands on. Up until recently it has only been available online. When I got mine it was fast and easy, it has become easier, but it has still been far from accessible. However, from the 18th one of the greatest obstacles will be removed. Jimmy Feng, from HTC, announced at PAX that in less than two weeks you will be able to walk into your local JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman and strut away with a shiny new Vive. Mark it ono your calendar, the 21st is when you can get it!

An additional benefit that comes from this arrangement is that people will get to save a few dollars over the original online price. The retail price will be $1399, compared to the online price which tends to sit a little above $1400. What is even better is that at selected stores you will be able give the Vive a go, after all, VR is not something that can be shown, it can only be experienced.

Will you be Vive ready?