Paradox Shows Off New Stuff In Skylines, Tyranny, Stellaris, and Europa Videos

Today Paradox put out enough gameplay videos for all their games to keep an army entertained for years… or at least a solid couple of days. First up is the new footage from the upcoming game Tyranny. Last time the footage covered the nature of magic and we got to see some of the dungeon crawling that happens within the game. This time Paradox goes a little deeper into the levelling system that we will find within larger campaign:

Next up, and personally the most exciting video, looks at the new Cities: Skylines expansion, Natural Disasters. In it we get to take a gander at the new scenario builder before we get to see some large rocks crushing innocent civilians. We also get to see how the new disaster response building works.

For Stellaris we have a new series of let’s plays coming up. Today sees the first episode of the cute co-operative game released.


Finally there is a short Dev Diary for those of us who are into Europa Universalis. In it we learn of a new and upcoming expansion for the game called Rights of Man. This expansion is listed as  being one of the most expansive ever, in it they note changes to politics, people and places. Diplomacy takes centre stage as the great powers can start playing up their global influence. Additionally, courts are buffed, adults generate personalities and rulers can abdicate. Check it all out in the video below.