Overwatch on PC Gets a ‘High-Bandwidth’ Update

Blizzard has just released a very technical video to explain the PC’s new ‘high-bandwidth’ update for Overwatch, without jeopardising the experience for players with weaker internet connections. Check out the video below:

In the video, lead engineer Tim Ford, and senior engineer Philip Orwig discuss the technical changes, and attempt to describe them as best and as simply as they can. Essentially, the update will resolve a lot of netcode issues, to afford PC players a smoother and less frustrating gameplay experience.

Importantly, they discuss interpolation delay, which is the server predicting the movements of players, and relaying that to other players’ clients so that everyone experiences the same thing. Thanks to this update, players with strong connections will have that delay shortened by more than half.

Additionally, if those players with a weaker connection to the server will be moved to a new gameplay grouping, one which keeps everyone’s experience the same.

Overall, Ford suggests that:

“The net result is you will be shot around corners less, you’ll be able to predict escape moves better and the server will hear about it sooner”

Unfortunately, the update is not yet available on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, however, Orwig does state that they’re “still investigating how to roll [it] out on console”