Overwatch Competitive Play Will Be Improved for Season Two

Overwatch‘s First Season ended with a crackle, bang and a pop. I know many of you are hungry for Season Two to begin so that you can seek redemption, and be the best, that no one ever was.

With Season Two to begin on September 6th (the 7th for us Aussies, I believe), Blizzard has released a developer blog explaining the tweaks they will be making to Competitive play in preparation for Season Two. Check it out below:

In the 15-minute video, Game Director, Jeff Kaplan, clarified the changes being made to make the Competitive play feel more rewarding for the player. The first adjustment towards this goal is by altering the ‘skill rating scale’ to be between 1 and 5,000 rather than 1-100. The change in the ranking system will now shift by whole numbers as opposed to halves or quarters.

Similarly, Kaplan emphasised that skill rating will fall into one of seven tiers, such as bronze, silver or gold, and placement within that tier will be more secure for players. However, this safety net excludes the two highest tiers (sorry pro players).

Blizzard is also changing how the in-game rounds will play out. Fortunately for defenders, who always seemed to suffer the brunt of poor luck, sudden death rounds and coin flips will no longer be in the mode. Therefore, as Kaplan indicated, “ties will be possible”, but they should be “very rare”, and if you have one you’ll come away with some competitive points.

Elaborating on the goals for Season Two, Kaplan emphasised that:

“What we’re fighting with here is the desire for people to play with their friends versus the unfairness of widely disparate skill ratings grouping with one another,” says Kaplan. “It’s a tricky place for us to get to in terms of balance. We’re hoping those of you who play on the [Public Test Region] and group with friends give us your feedback about what you think that right [skill gap] number is. That’s something that’s not terribly difficult for us to iterate on.”

Not all the changes being made to Season Two were spoken about in this blog, so fingers crossed they add a harsher penalty for players who quit competitive matches. I can’t count the times I was dominating a match, only to be swiftly returned to the main menu because someone had quit.

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