Overwatch Competitive Mode Roles Through

Overwatch has had fantastic reception so far from a wide range of people. However, A non-trivial portion of the players have been finding that the game has been getting a little stale. There has been a form of salvation on the horizon. That is the knowledge of the impending release of a competitive mode. Today is the day.

People love to see proof that they are stronger than the people around them, and it is through these modes that people are most satisfied. If you are level 25 or higher you will now find that the option will be available for you. This mode will finally bring in punishment for players who leave early, while also implementing better matchmaking (theoretically). There are slight changes to maps with tie breakers coming in to try and make the best of three game modes fair.

It will only last for 2 months though. In a forum post, Lylirra explained the nature of the roll-out. She stated that due to this new mode starting in the middle of the season they will not be running only for long enough to bring it inline with normal competitive seasons.

However this is not good news for everyone. The PC players get a significant head-start for this update, they get it today, while the console players will have to wait until next week to see the reach them.

Are you excited to start playing more competitive Overwatch? Can you deal with the tick rate?