Overwatch Clocks in at 7 Million Players Already

As of the game’s launch on the 24th of May, 7 million players have grabbed a copy of Overwatch. That number comes directly from Blizzard and incorporates all of PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This isn’t far from the 9.7 million players that partook in the open beta, but hey, maybe that last  28% are having financial struggles.

Since launch, those 7 million players have clocked over 119 million hours (30 of which have come from yours truly) and according to Blizzard is;

“one of the most successful global game launches of all time.”

If you’ve picked the game up, it’d be hard for you to not understand why. The game has sustained almost 100% server up-time, with only very few players experiencing any sort of hardware faults with the game (one mate of ours has his CPU hitting 100% for no apparent reason, our hearts go out to you Silent.)

Along with player count and hours played, Blizzard also released some in-game statistics. We, as players, have changed heroes 326 million times and delivered 11 million payloads since launch. Which is pretty damn great, go us!

Blizzard are also looking at keeping things fresh with a ranked mode coming sometime in June (hopefully), a balance patch for two characters in the works, new content in the not too distant future and keeping out those nasty hackers.

From us here at OKG… Great work, Blizz. We’re really proud of what you’ve pulled off here.

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