Over 20 Minutes of Pokémon Sun and Moon Live Demo Plus Demo Breakdown

During Nintendo’s E3 2016 Treehouse, Pokémon Sun and Moon producer Junichi Masuda and director Shigeru Ohmori brought some gameplay footage for all to see! The demo starts at 12m 40s… you’re welcome.

If you’re short on time, here’s some screenshots and information from the demo:

poke 2

The time of the day in real life changes the time of the day in the Alola region, much like previous games.

The new battle screen on the bottom 3DS screen shows both Pokémon in battle. The camera also pans around as you battle and shows yourself, immersing you into the battle. Also, the Alola region will feature Pokémon from other regions, such as this Ledyba from the Johto (2nd generation) region.


Clicking on the opponent’s icon on the touch screen brings up their stats and you can see how they have been changed throughout battle by their own moves and yours.

After a Pokémon is captured, they get added to your PokéDex! However, as you can see, Ledyba has a white Pokéball above it. This lets us know that there is an evolution or a paired Pokémon that has yet to be caught/registered in the PokéDex.


New Pokémon! This Pokémon named Yungoos is always hungry… I mean always. It’s a Normal-type with the ability Stake Out/Strong Jaw.


You seem to be a lot taller/older than some others around you, and the environment changes how your character moves. For example, you take larger, more trudging steps walking uphill. There’s also full analogue movement in this game.

As you approach other Pokémon trainers, the top 3DS screen goes a bit dark, adding tension and letting you know they want to fight.

Pokémon trainers now have full 3D models, have unique ways of moving, throwing Pokéballs, feeling of disappointment when you eventually beat them.

New Pokémon! Pikipek, a cute, little woodpecker. It is Normal/Flying-type with the abilities are Keen Eye and Skill Link. And as we can see, it has two more evolutions.

Some backstory about the region of Alola: four islands each with a guardian Pokémon.


Just something interesting: a somewhat main character that voices her displeasure for battling Pokémon as it may hurt them.

You battle your buddy/rival Hau, who interstingly has a Pichu – the pre-evolution to Pikachu – an Electric-type which is strong against your starter (in this demo at least) Popplio which is a Water-type. However, he also has Litten, a Fire-type, weak against Popplio and another starter you can choose at the beginning of the game. I wonder if the Pichu changes depending of what you choose?


Interesting new feature: as you battle Hau and his Litten once, the next time you encounter them, your moves will have an indicator saying which moves you have are super and the least effective against the opponent. Not sure if it works with all Pokémon or just Hau. (I feel this kinda dumbs it down a bit but we’ll see…)

New gameplay mode: all new multiplayer battle mode called Battle Royal – a 4 v. 4 battle where each player picks up to three Pokémon and battles one at a time. It’s a free-for-all battle but when a trainer loses all of their Pokémon, it’s the end of the battle.

When the battle is over, the game tallies up how many Pokémon were defeated and how many Pokémon are remaining on each player’s team to determine a winner. There also seems to be a time limit as well as a move limit.


Outside of this demo, there has also been another Pokémon revealed. Say hello to Grubbin, a Bug-type Pokémon with the ability Swarm.

That seems to be it so far! The excitement is real! Have any favourite parts? Comment below!