Ooblets Trailer Shown at E3’s PC Gamer Show

Early this morning, a new trailer was shown off for indie title Ooblets at E3’s PC Gamer Show. A weird kind of Pikmin/Harvest Moon hybrid that’s so damn adorable. The final game will allow players to grow and upgrade a small army of creatures, then take them into battle against magical creatures.

As the player’s farm grows, they will be able to unlock upgrades like sprinklers and automatic pickers that will make your farm more self-sustainable. In addition to creating your farm, Ooblets will allow players to decorate and eventually expand upon your home and run a store in town. Published by the kind folks at Double Fine, the game is being developed by Glumberland, a small team made up of only two people.

You can check out the new trailer right here.

Ooblets is coming to Xbox One and PC with Xbox Play Anywhere in 2018.