Official Blizzard Sombra Art Leaked, But Still no Sign of Her Yet

It’s almost time for BlizzCon, which means it BETTER BE TIME FOR SOMBRA TO BE OFFIALLY ANNOUNCED. After the disappointment of the whole Dia de los Muertos thing (Day of the Dead, for those of you playing at home) – where basically it was built up that she was going to be announced but never was – we’ve gotten at least a little bit more evidence that she is very, very close to being in Overwatch. 

This official artwork, signed by Blizzard’s official illustrator John Polidora, has surfaced showcasing a pretty spiffy looking Sombra which matches the image we’ve seen of her before.

Basically, look, just wait for BlizzCon. I don’t think we’re going to see anything before then. BlizzCon runs from November 4th-5th.