No Man’s Sky Will Get Lots of Free Updates, but No Paid DLC

No Man’s Sky is out and we have one last news story for you before we bury ourselves into its 600 bazillion randomly generated planets.

Sean Murray, studio head of Hello Games, spoke to Red Bull in an interview and told them:

“We do want to add a ton of features, like we’ve just discussed: Freighters, bases, these type of things. But we want to do it for free…You’ve paid for the game, so you should get this stuff without paying even more money. So no, there will be no paid DLC, just patches.”

This statement has definitely put to rest a lot of my fears surrounding the games content. I feel like free updates are exactly what is needed to ensure that I’m stuck into it for as long as I am physically able.

You go, Hello Games! Good for you!

Bye now. Space is calling me.