No Man’s Sky Suffers A Rocky Landing On PC

No Man’s Sky from Hello Games has launched on PC today, several days after debuting on the PS4 to a lukewarm reception and some technical issues.

But that reception may be about to get even worse as PC gamers who have gotten their hands on the game are widely reporting that the PC port may not be quite up to scratch.

Among the reported issues, players are complaining of poor performance, frequent crashing and blurry textures while some gamers can’t even launch the game at all. Many high-profile streamers on Twitch attempting to stream the game are also visibly frustrated and giving up as the frequent crashes reset their progress.

Game forums everywhere are currently teeming with unhappy buyers. While some communities are having some success troubleshooting and finding fixes for No Man’s Sky’s many issues, others are demanding a refund. The gaming currently holds a ‘Mixed’ review rating on its Steam store page while simultaneously sitting at the top of the top sellers list.

Gaming personality and critic John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain has described the game’s PC port as ‘Arkham Knight levels of bad’. Batman: Arkham Knight was pulled from Steam and other online stores shortly after launch in 2015 after it too suffered from technical issues; Warner Brothers later offered buyers refunds for a period of time.

While some customers have reported no issues at all running No Man’s Sky on PC, it might be best to wait if you were planning on picking this one up.