No Man’s Sky Resolves Tradmark Dispute

Who would have thought that prior to release that trademark trolls would already be after No Man’s Sky. This new space exploration game has already attracted vasts amount of attention due to its open world and stunning graphics. So, unfortunately, it comes as no surprise that they also happen to fall in the headlights of companies that prefer to get profit by less scrupulous means.

In this case the company that brought the lawsuit claimed that No Man’s Sky could be too easily confused with generic pay TV. Yes, Sky TV owns the trademark for the word ‘sky’, and will therefor sue anyone who anyone who uses it for any purpose. They have not hesitated to take on big targets before. They have had tuffles with Microsoft over ‘SkyDrive’ and Lifescribe over the ‘Sky Pen’. If it is big (or even small), and it has the letters S, K or Y in it, they will sue.

There is no official word on the form that the settlement took. It is fair to expect that some money will have changed hands, but this is just speculation without any further confirmation.

It goes without saying that Sean Murry is pleased that this episode has now closed. He stated on his twitter that:

Yay! We finally settled with Sky (they own the word “Sky”). We can call our game No Man’s Sky. 3 years of secret stupid legal nonsense over

From here on out I hope that it is smooth sailing. I am really looking forward to seeing how this works in VR, and short of that, how well it plays in anything. Additionally, I hope that we have seen the last of the delays and that we will finally be able to get our hands on this title in August.