Newegg Brings Tech Sales To Australia

Newegg is a new company to Australia, or at least newish. For those that have not come across them before, they are an online tech retail outlet based in North America. They sell a wide range of items from parts for your PC to some of the more specialised equipment like the HTC Vive.

As I mentioned above though, Newegg is a fairly fresh face in the Australian IT space and as such are trying to get their name out there. The latest move in this direction starts today, there is a sale. We do not know what will be in their sale at this point, so we cannot send you in any particular direction just yet. However we do know that a sale is on its way through and we also know that cheaper stuff is good.

If there are any items that you have been waiting to pick up, you might want to head across to either their regular shop front or their brand new Australian eBay store to check out the deals that might save you a few dollars.