New Releases For PS4 This Week

A couple notable releases this week and- wait a minute. Is that Metal… Gear?!

Rad Rogers

Releasing: 21/02 | Platforms:PlayStation 4, PC

” Rad Rodgers is an action-packed 4th-wall busting 3D side-scroller inspired by the precision platformers of the 90’s, powered by today’s Unreal Engine 4. “

Metal Gear Survive

Releasing: 22/02 | Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

” METAL GEAR SURVIVE is a spin off from the main METAL GEAR SOLID V story that takes place in a strange alternative universe. Create your own character and learn to survive. Scavenge resources, craft weapons, build a base camp and explore the unknown while developing the survival skills necessary in this hostile environment. “

Past Cure

Releasing: 23/02 | Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

“Past Cure is a dark psychological thriller that blurs the lines between dreams and reality. An intense, cinematic, story-driven experience that challenges the player to use mind-bending mental abilities to survive.”

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

Releasing: 23/02 | Platforms:PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

” Step into the versatile landscapes and environments of Gun Gale Online. Experience an original story supervised by series creator Reki Kawahara that unfolds and changes based on the players’ choices and interaction.”

Well, that’s it for this week.

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