New Overwatch Character Announced

Blizzard have just revealed a new Overwatch character. She’s a sniper, but at the same time she heals! What kind of world do we live in aye? Crazy… Check out the gameplay video:

Okay so to get things started, Ana is a support character, who happens to be the mother of our favourite jetpack flying-rocket shootin’ attacker, Pharah.

Ana uses a Biotic Rifle, which fires long-range darts that either restore allies’ health, or deal ongoing damage to an enemy. Ana also has a Sleep Dart, which knocks enemies unconscious!

For abilities, Ana is equipped with a Biotic Grenade, which heals teammates and damages opponents standing within its area of effect. At the same time, the grenade increases all healing your allies receive within the area, and enemies that are caught in the same zone will not be able to receive healing for a period of time.

Ana’s Ultimate – ‘Nano Boost’, strengthens her team considerably, giving them increased damage, faster movement, and higher resistance to damage.

You can check out her origin trailer below: