New Heroes of the Storm Content Patch out Now

The latest update for Heroes of the Storm is now live. The patch brings with it more content in the form of a map and a new playable character, while a swathe of balance changes have also been made. Check out the Warhead Junction overview below:

Basically, bombs spawn around the map, and the goal is for players to collect them and survive long enough for it to arm. Once it’s armed, they can target a nearby location for a missile strike. However, during this waiting period they become targets to other players, and will drop their bomb upon death.

Additionally, our favourite weight-lifting Overwatch character, Zarya, is joining the Heroes of Storm cast of Blizzard characters. Her abilities in Heroes of the Storm mimic a lot of what she presently does in Overwatch; she shields her teammates, does extra damage when a shielded character is attacked, and has abilities to suck-in players, and knock enemies away. You can check out her hero spotlight below!

It has been a while since I have played Heroes of the Storm, so if you’re wanting more information on balance changes (of which there are many), your best bet is to head to Blizzard’s Blog Post and dive into them yourself!