New Content Coming To DOOM Multiplayer, First Level Of Campaign Now Free To Try

It looks like id Software are dropping a number of free updates for Doom, giving players “new ways to play“.

The game’s ‘SnapMap’ level editing tool will be getting a nice update, including new construction models, a new Hell visual theme, new props, weapons as well as other items for players to rip and tear with. SnapMap is also bringing over the weapon wheel from the game’s single player to bring players “true single-player experiences”.

Also on the way are a slew of new game modes that will support all present and future maps, including a new one-flag CTF mode called Exodus, a capture-point mode called Sector and new free-for-all modes including classic deathmatch.

id also announced that the first premium DLC called Unto The Evil is on its way, bringing with it a number of new multiplayer maps, a new demon called the Harvester plus a new gun and armour.

Doom, alongside Fallout 4 are also both coming to the HTC Vive next year Bethesda have announced.

Haven’t had a chance to play Doom yet? Well you’re in luck, the first level of the game’s single player mode will be available for free this week only, so get on it!