New Action RPG, The Surge, Is Slated for a 2017 Release

Tonight, via a PlayStation Blog Post, Creative Director from Deck 13, Jan Klose, has announced some details for the new sci-fi action RPG game, The Surge.

surge img 1

In the announcement, Klose details the combat mechanics and crafting gameplay. Essentially, the player will be fitted with an exo-suit, which will be upgraded and allow you to:

“specialize in a huge variety of combat styles, thanks to the almost limitless combinations of exo-suit addons and dozens of make-shift wearpons salvaged from the industrial complex at CREO”

The game takes place in a huge facility which is structured like a Metroidvania, with levels that you will return to get access to pathways only available with more core power and abilities, as well as plenty of secret and hidden collectables.

Additionally, The Surge we feature individual limb destruction, lots of upgrade paths and blueprints, as well as “gigantic, industrial bosses”.

The Surge is set to launch on PlayStation 4 next year.