Neverwinter for PS4 Gets a Release Date

Today, via a Playstation Blog post, Perfect World Entertainment have announced that Neverwinter for Playstation 4, is being launched on the 19th of July.


The game will be free as it will not require Playstation Plus to play it. However, if you are not willing to wait that long to play the MMO, a ‘Head Start’ pack will be available, which provides access to the game on the 12th of July for $19.99. The pack will also come with some in-game items including weapons, mounts, and keys!

Communications Manager, Alex Monney states that the MMO will contain:

all nine expansions in addition to the base game and eight playable classes, each with varying paths. You’ll travel all across the Forgotten Realms to locations such as the frozen peaks of Icewind Dale, the sunless Underdark, and the radiant forests of Sharandar. Amidst your journey, you will fend off orcs, the undead, elementals, and even a five-headed dragon.

Perfect World Entertainment are committing to supporting the game after release with in-game events, and upcoming expansions, including the recently announced 10th expansion: Storm King’s Thunder.