NBA Live 18 Introduces ‘The One’

NBA Live is a game series that has long lived in the shadow of its more successful, more attractive and more talented brother NBA 2K. But that does not stop him trying to be the very best that he could be, and there’s a fair bit of respect deserved from that.

At this morning’s EA Press Conference, we got our very first look at NBA Live 18. We did not get to see very much gameplay, although we got talked through a  highlight that seemed to focus heavily on the individual player control in both an offensive and defensive situation. As it was just a replay, we cannot say how well it worked out in real time, but I will admit that it looked pretty radical.

We also got a trailer for the new story mode The One – which you can see below.

In 2016, NBA Live 16 claimed less than 1% of the sales that NBA 2K16 did. We might be back to report on a similar event this year, but only time will tell.

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