My Turret! Torbjörn’s Turret Damage Will Be Decreased by 30% on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ONLY

The people on Overwatch’s subreddit are not having much fun against Torbjörns on the console editions of the game. In a recent thread, Reddit user: canadlaw stated that playing against Torb and his turrets on console (specifically PlayStation 4) was an annoying occurrence, and playing as him almost guaranteed a win. However, now Blizzard VP and game director Jeff Kaplan has stated in the same thread that Torbjörn’s turrets will be getting the nerf come mid/late July, decreasing their damage by 30% on consoles only. 30%! That’s quite a bit!

So, if you’re an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Overwatch-er, never fear, a nerf is here!