More Pokémon Sun and Moon Information Coming on June 2nd

Just after the announcement of the starters and other things for the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, there’s been another announcement… An announcement for an announcement if you will. We’ll be getting more Pokémon Sun and Moon information on June 2nd!

The Pokémon Company Japan posted on Twitter that we are to expect an update on the upcoming title on June 2nd.

Translation (more or less): “Pokemon Sun Moon” , the following new information will be released on June 2 (Thursday). Try to check the official website ! The latest video is also being published ! #PokemonSunMoon

What this news entails, however, is still a mystery, but we can always guess!

How many islands will the be, for example? Via the Amazon listings for the game, we’ve seen the description states:

“Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!”

A lot of HM03 perhaps? Or maybe we’ll be able to take a boat to save all the Tentacool or generation VII equivalent?

Or maybe we’ll learn what this unannounced, but left in the trailer, Pokémon is?


We’ll keep you updated when the time comes!