More Anthem Details Revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Anthem, the new IP from BioWare was teased during EA’s Press Conference early Sunday morning. We got ver minor information but promised to get a better look at it during the Microsoft Press Conference – which was delivered.

The trailer shows some sort of hub world, where the players collect their quests and objectives. Then, the player joins another player to take to a seemingly open world. It would have been way more interesting if they didn’t superimpose those hideous fake voice comms over the top (it did not work for The Division, guys. It will not work for this) but it was still showed some pretty captivating sights.

Our adventurers traveled through a number of diverse environments, some of which were avoided which gives quite the air of a sandbox experience. We saw small trash-style mobs, as well as a much larger boss-type mob. These types of experiences are very hit and miss as w have seen in a lot of games in the past. However, the visuals alone are reasonably stunning.

After a few minutes, two other friends joined in reasonably seamlessly, which gives me hope for a drop-in and drop-out style of gameplay. As these games hopefully begin to expand their scope to make it easier for adult gamers, who cannot always find time to play with their “Crew” to take advantage of these situations where possible.

Anthem is releasing sometime in 2018.

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