Middle Evolutions and Fun for your PC Pals Revealed for Pokémon Sun and Moon

A new trailer, the first in a while, for Pokémon Sun and Moon has been revealed! This time, we get to see the middle evolutions for Alola’s starters and the Pokémon you stick in your PC will now be able to have a little fun while you’re gone!


First off, we see Rowlet’s middle evolution: Dartrix. He continues with the same types as Rowlet; Grass/Flying-Type, and has the ability Overgrow, which powers up Grass-Types moves when its HP is below 1/3 of its maximum.


Next, Litten’s middle evolution is Torracat. It’s still Fire-Type and has the ability Blaze, which powers up Fire-Types moves when its HP is below 1/3 of its maximum.


Finally, Poppilo’s middle evolution is Brionne. It’s still Water-Type and has the ability Torrent, which powers up Water-Types moves when its HP is below 1/3 of its maximum.

We’ve also been shown something new for us to have fun with while playing Pokémon Sun and Moon; the Festival Plaza!


Using online communications, you can interact with friends and other players in this Plaza and earn Festival Coins to spend in a variety of shops to help yourself and help your Pokémon along your Alola journey.

Now, for a new feature that will take a little bit of guilt off of us; the Poké Pelago! Now your boxed Pokémon can have some fun while you’re away!

On these few islands, the Pokémon you place in your PC can go out and make themselves useful! On Isle Abeens, your boxed Pokémon attract wild Pokémon that may join you along your journey; on Isle Aphun, your boxed Pokémon explore caves to find awesome items such as evolution stones and more; on Isle Evelup, your boxed Pokémon can level up with special drinks. It looks similar to the punching bags in previous games.

Not only all this great stuff, but Mega Evolutions are back! This time, they’re activated with your Z-Ring.


Lastly, probably the most important news; there’s a special, free demo coming out October 18th along with a unique Greninja. In fact, Ash’s Greninja!


The demo will use up around 400MB of space with the full version using 3.2GB of space (which equals 26,214 blocks), and when you purchase the full version of the game, you can transfer the Ash-Greninja to your main game!

Check out the full trailer below!