Metroid Prime 4 Announced, and it Destroyed the Internet

Did you hear that? That was the collective voices of the internet, screaming all at once. During their E3 ‘spotlight’ Digital Event, Nintendo shared a very brief teaser trailer announcing the highly anticipated sequel. Check it out!

Metroid Prime 3 was released on the Wii in 2007 by Retro Studios, and fans have been feverishly anticipating the next title for recent years. Nintendo has revealed that while fans can anticipate it being a new first person title, Retro is not be at the helm of the project. Nintendo’s Bill Trinen has said the title is being developed by a “talented new development team.”

You might recall the announcement of Metroid Prime: Federation Force at E3 2015, and the subsequent outrage from fans clamoring for the next mainline title.

The very announcement of Metroid Prime 4 implies that Nintendo is listening to fans with the Switch. So…. Maybe we can expect that Mother 3 localisation sometime soon?

Metroid Prime 4 is now in development.