Meet the Samurai, Knight and Viking

There was a game that I used to play many years ago. It was a Half Life mod called Pirates, Vikings and Knights.  The premise of the game was quite simple. Kill everyone on the other teams. For a game whose name is solely derived from three distinct factions, it is fair to expect that there is some degree of asymmetric multiplayer. Something that will be shared with the upcoming game, ‘For Honor‘ by Ubisoft.  Naturally, they still cannot spell “Honour”.

I am sure that one day they might get it right. Until that day appears, we have got three trailers showing us some gameplay for each of the different factions:

Representing Japan we get see the power of the Kenisei samurai:

Appearing for the Europeans, the heavily armoured Warden knocks on the door:

Finally, Launching into a rage, the bloodthirsty Raider Viking:

Who do you want fight as, or more so, who do you not wish to face?  You could always give it a go. If you register interest on their site you may get the chance to jump in the alpha and beta.